Something old

One of my friends let the country this week. Her visa expired and it was a rushed situation. We all barely had time to say hello because she had come back just a week prior. Life happens so fast and without us really being aware of the significance of the moment.

This photograph was taken a few Valentine’s ago. We decided that we would have a girls’ getaway. It was so much fun. The house we stayed in was amazing. The trip was relaxing and reviving. It was great having dance parties with my friends. This particular Jeep stood in the driveway of someone we knew in the area. I have always wanted a Jeep and to see this one in its state was disappointing and a little bit sad.

Anyway, I look at this image now and it is clear that time passes… It always passes.




Mountains. Water bodies. Sky. Every shade and variation of blue is my favourite. But it is the royal blues and purply-blues and blackish-blues that enthral me. These are the blues that lift my skin tone and highlight my eyes. It is possibly one of my favourite colours. And this is a photograph that brings me great pride.



Looking at the world from a certain height gives you perspective. The extent of construction happening San Diego is mind-blowing and it is all around the main transportation hubs. I wonder how people living in the area manage to get rest because it is so noisy.

Height also gives you a sense of unoccupied spaces. The week before the Monster Car event meant that the parking lot was full, by the Monday it was like a deserted island. Time changes so many things. In about five years, I’d love to retake this photograph and note how much this section of the city has changed.

Aerial view


I travel a bit, not often but enough to know that aerial images are amazing and grainy and never quite as amazing as reality. This is my favourite sight when I get back. Table Mountain. Once I get to this point, it is simple. I have arrived in my place of birth. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, or how long I have been away. This sight is something special.




Road signs say much about a space, a society. I found the road signs in the USA amazing at bed. There were a lot of you “Wrong way” signs.

The construction signs were the most interesting and obvious. What I didn’t realise when I took this photo was that there is a trolley and car in the background. I only took it for the level of graffiti on the signage but I got a little extra.



I travelled from the west to the east coast of the USA via train. The landscape was amazing though a lot of my images are blurry (the train moves at a speed). But I got some images that I like. This is somewhere approaching the Grand Canyon. This is snow. This is the desert. This is not filtered.