Sunday read

Reading Shonda Rhimes book, The Year of Yes, happened a certain way. It was on the reading list (though admittedly close to the bottom). Then someone I know suggested it to me. Next thing you know I have it in hand. A library copy. Hard copy. White, hard copy. White, hard copy with gold lettering. It is smaller than an A5 and just over 301 pages long. I have other readings to do. Dissertation readings. Course work readings. Articles saved on Facebook reading. Starred items in my inbox readings. I try reading it over breakfast. It doesn’t work. I am too awkward and am still adjusting to my new environment. I pack it in to read on the bus. The bus ride is too short for the book to get my full attention. Another bus ride is too eventful.

I try again because I am not a quitter. I arrive at the bus stop chic as all hell. My black and white polka dot circle skirt does what circle skirt do. It floats. I’ve coupled it with a simple black thin strapped top. I look simple yet elegant. I have a beautiful red bag on my shoulder. The book is in one hand and I have coffee in the other. Sophistication personified.

Until. The wind picks up. Which is fine, but it gently then violently starts to rain and despite sitting at a rather sheltered bus stop the wind whips the rain into my face and I jump up to shield myself at the billboard. Except the wind tunnels under the billboard and picks up my skirt so that I am in an awkward, ungainly pose. Trying to hold down my dress while balancing my coffee in one hand and the book in the other. The wind adds a biting edge to the rain and I’m not wearing the right shoes for all this activity. I am now damp and messy, stripped of sophistication pendant. And there is coffee and rain water on the book’s cover…

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