Women, love and passion

En route to my longest trip away from home I watched “Frida”. She emboldened me. She lived a life that challenged every social norm and was suited to her spirit. There is a beautiful freedom in defining one’s life. She was physically crippled. Love tormented her emotionally. But she was always mentally and psychology clear on her first love: art.

Last night I watched “Coco Chanel”. I know. I am behind. But I guess it was the right time for me to watch it. I loved the way she was depicted: fierce and passionate. A woman who loved her work and a man. A woman who said “I love you” without flinching. She truly built an empire. She left where love was not being served. She admitted to love, when it was hardest to say the words.

Pleasure. Is this the goal? Taking pleasure in work and love?


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