“Gentrification is When” by Cathy Arellano

my land has more value

when you own it

you’re invited to the neighborhood association

i’ve never seen the welcome mat

you move to my neighborhood for diversity

don’t do a damn thing to diversify your hometown

you stroll carefree through my neighborhood

i’m arrested while driving through yours

you buy your house

evict me from my dream home

you move in and Bi-Rite stops stocking

my Nana’s #1 ingredient: affordable

bike lanes go up where there always were bikes

just brown riders

hundreds of you are never a mob

two of us is always a gang

the city installs new lights at Dolores Park for you

builds a new jail at 17th and Valencia for me

you think this poem is a joke

i don’t care what you think

but i have to

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