I am at the age where I am neither a child nor a adult. I am in that fun, confusing, liminal period of almost but not quite yet unmistakenly me.

I am a paradox, the embodiment of contradictions.

It is not that I am indecisive, my opinions and views just aren’t set in stone.

My passions include writing and photography. I am particularly interested in landscape photography.

The need to capture moments started at 15 and I have outgrown numerous cameras since.

Capturing moments may be possible on film but emotions are best portrayed with words and that is my primary passion.

Lured by wordsmiths from Behn to Steinbeck to Marlowe to Shakespeare to Duras to Woolf to Adichie, I attempt to emulate their wizardry.

When it comes to music, I have eclectic taste but always find my way back to Blues and Swing.

As far as I am concerned, the sax and cello rule the instrument world.

The guitar is a royal servant and the piano a worldly counsel.

Play me some Big Band and I’ll spend the day with you.

I am a simple creature with basic pleasures and exquisite taste…

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