“Gentrification is When” by Cathy Arellano

my land has more value when you own it you’re invited to the neighborhood association i’ve never seen the welcome mat you move to my neighborhood for diversity don’t do a damn thing to diversify your hometown you stroll carefree through my neighborhood i’m arrested while driving through yours you buy your house evict me… Continue reading “Gentrification is When” by Cathy Arellano


You speak of your home, but it is merely a house. Home is a safe space. For some it is a physical location. Others a person. Mostly, it is a sense of belonging. I belong in this world and so can never be homeless. Home is within me. It goes wherever I do.

Women, love and passion

En route to my longest trip away from home I watched "Frida". She emboldened me. She lived a life that challenged every social norm and was suited to her spirit. There is a beautiful freedom in defining one's life. She was physically crippled. Love tormented her emotionally. But she was always mentally and psychology clear… Continue reading Women, love and passion